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Launch of Eunis Chan’s “yan”Charity Photo Album

December 6, 2012
Biba Beijing Flagshop Store Opening
December 20, 2012
Yao Jue Plays Kreisler Charity Concert
December 1, 2012
Client : Eunis Chan
Event : Launch of Eunis Chan’s “yan”Charity Photo Album
Date : December 6, 2012
Venue : Zummer Restaurant, Wanchai
VIP Guests : Donald Chiu、Sally Lo (Founder and Chief Executive of HK Cancer Fund)、 Lisa S、 QiQi、 Coco Chiang、 Ana R、 Rosemary、 Jocelyn S、 Anthony S、 Balia Chan、 Mikko Yao、 Chip Tsao、 Paco Wong、 Kennis Tai、 Jacky Yu、 Ricky Cheung、 Michael Lam、 Joe Ma
Responsibilities : Media Invitation and Publicity、Event Management